CRRC and UIUC Researchers Continue Collaborations via Online Meetings during the COVID-19 Outbreak


The global outbreak of COVID-19 has not only posed significant threats to public health and disturbed the normal life of the population, but also hindered the business and productivity of numerous industries. Inexorably, it also imposes unexpected challenges on the ongoing collaboration between CRRC and UIUC. To ensure the smooth progression of our collaborative projects amid this difficult time, the Chinese-American Railway Transportation Joint Research Center (CART-JRC) coordinated two video conference meetings on May 20th and 27th, 2020, to provide updates and facilitate communications between researchers from both sides.


During these meetings, the researchers from UIUC provided the most recent updates of the collaborative projects to the CRRC attendees, who were from the CRRC Academy, CRRC Yongji Electric CO., LTD., and CRRC Dalian CO., LTD., respectively. Then, attendees from both sides actively deliberated over research tasks, project expectations, challenges, methodologies, project timeline and key deliverables, as well as communication interfaces between both parties. The productive and in-depth discussions helped resolve several pending issues, including those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the meetings, researchers from both sides showed full understanding and willingness to cooperate against challenges. Such a format of communications paves a road for further advancing our collaborative projects in the future.


The leaders and participants of collaborative projects from both sides attended these meetings. Director Jin Cao from CRRC Academy, the director of CART-JRC, Prof. Yanfeng Ouyang, and the coordinator, Dr. Chao Lei, attended and moderated both meetings.