UIUC Delegation Attends the 2nd International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring and Meets CRRC Leadership (Oct. 17-19, 2018)


On October 17-19, 2018, a UIUC delegation led by Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost, Prof. Andreas Cangellaris, attended the 2nd International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) for Railway System held in Qingdao, China. The delegation also includes UIUC College of Engineering Executive Associate Dean Martin D.F. Wong and five other faculty members from five engineering departments. During the visit, the UIUC delegation had a meeting with leadership representatives from CRRC, led by CRRC Corporate Vice President, Mr. Jun Wang, to discuss ongoing efforts and future plans for the Chinese-American Railway Transportation Joint Research Center (CART-JRC).

        2018年10月17日至19日,由伊利诺伊大学厄巴纳-香槟分校(UIUC)学术事务副校长兼教务长Andreas Cangellaris教授带领的UIUC代表团参加了在中国青岛市举办的第二届轨道交通结构健康监测国际研讨会 (以下简称SHM国际研讨会)。该代表团成员还包括UIUC工学院常务副院长Martin D.F. Wong教授,以及来自工学院各系的五位教授。会议期间,UIUC代表还与中国中车集团副总裁王军先生及多位中车公司领导们进行了座谈,就中美轨道交通研究中心的合作现状和未来发展规划进行了深入交流。

Hosted by the China Railway Society, CRRC Co.,Ltd. and  CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd., the 2nd International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring attracts more than 300 well-known academicians, scholars and industry experts from more than 10 countries including China, the United States, Germany, Sweden, Australia and France.


UIUC delegation at the 2nd International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring for Railway System in Qingdao, China. (UIUC代表团在中国青岛参加第二届轨道交通结构健康监测国际研讨会。)

At the opening ceremony of the SHM workshop, Provost Andreas Cangellaris gave an invited keynote speech on recent research highlights and advancements at the University of Illinois on a spectrum of subjects related to structural health monitoring, ranging from complex structural analysis, to sensor network design and integration, to signal processing and big-data analytics, to multifunctional materials and structures. The talk featured research achievements of a number of UIUC faculty members, including Profs. Gul Agha (Computer Science), Deming Chen (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Billie Spencer (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Chenhui Shao (Mechanical Science and Engineering), Hong Yang (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering), and ChengXiang Zhai (Computer Science).

        在SHM国际研讨会的开幕式上,Andreas Cangellaris副校长受邀发表了题为《伊利诺伊大学在结构健康监测方面的研究进展》的主旨演讲,介绍了伊利诺伊大学研究人员近期在结构健康检测相关的多个领域所取得的突破与进展,包括复杂结构分析、传感器网络集成、信号处理和大数据分析以及多功能材料和结构。在演讲中,Andreas Cangellaris副校长着重介绍了Gul Agha教授 (计算机科学系)、陈德铭教授 (电气与计算机工程系)、Billie Spencer教授 (土木与环境工程系)、Chenhui Shao教授(机械科学与工程系)、杨宏教授 (化学与生物分子工程系)以及翟成祥教授 (计算机科学系)等研究人员的研究成果。

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost, Prof. Andreas Cangellaris, gave a keynote speech at the opening ceremony on October 17. (10月17日,学术事务副校长兼教务长Andreas Cangellaris教授在大会开幕式上作主旨报告。)

On October 18, Prof. Hong Yang from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering chaired the “Multifunctional Materials and Structures” session and gave a speech on “Design of Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies,” and introduced his research group’s discovery of new catalysts that can be used for oxygen reduction reaction in hydrogen fuel cells and oxygen evolution reaction. In the same session, Prof. Deming Chen from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering gave a speech on “Design, Compilation, and Acceleration for Deep Neural Networks in IoT Applications.” Prof. Chen presented the challenges of Artificial Intelligent and IoT application regarding the Deep Neural Networks hardware, and evaluated the potential effect of Field-Programmable Gate Array when dealing with those challenges. In the “SHM ‘big data’ analytics and services” session, Prof. ChengXiang Zhai from the Department of Computer Science gave a speech on “Applications of Text Mining in Structural Health Monitoring for Railway Systems” and presented multiple ideas on how to exploit the unstructured text data to improve structural health monitoring for railway systems.

        10月18日,来自UIUC 化学与生物分子工程系的杨宏教授担任了“多功能材料与结构”分会主席,并在该分会上发表了题为《氢燃料电池技术的电催化剂设计》的演讲,简要介绍了由其研究团队所开发的可用于氢燃料电池氧还原反应及析氧反应的新型催化剂。UIUC电气和计算机工程系的陈德铭教授在同一分会上发表了题为《物联网应用中深度神经网络的设计、编译和加速》的演讲,简要阐述了人工智能与物联网领域在深度神经网络云端设备和边缘设备方面所遇到的挑战,并评估了现场可编程门阵列在面临这些挑战时的潜在作用。在“结构健康监测‘大数据’分析与应用”分会上,UIUC 计算机科学系的翟成祥教授发表了题为《文本挖掘在铁路系统结构健康监测中的应用》的演讲,介绍了如何利用非结构化文本数据对传统铁路系统结构健康监测方法进行改进优化的思路。

Profs. Yang, Chen and Zhai gave invited talks at the SHM workshop.(杨宏教授,陈德铭教授和翟成祥教授在SHM国际研讨会上作受邀报告。)

On the afternoon of October 17, the UIUC delegation met with CRRC Corporate Vice President Jun Wang and a team of CRRC leaders. Mr. Ming Gong, President of the CRRC Institute, coordinated the meeting and introduced the participants from both sides. V.P. Jun Wang and Provost Andreas Cangellaris gave opening speeches respectively, highlighting the successful collaboration between UIUC and CRRC so far, as well as commitments from both sides to further strengthening the partnership. Then, Prof. Yanfeng Ouyang (Civil and Environmental Engineering) introduced the status-quo, research project progresses, planned activities, and future research needs of CART-JRC, as well as ongoing development of multimodal autonomous transportation testbeds in Rantoul, Illinois under UIUC’s Smart Transportation Infrastructure Initiative. Provost Cangellaris gave a featured introduction of future opportunities at the Discovery Partners Institute (DPI), an interdisciplinary public-private research institute located in Chicago, and the Illinois Innovation Network (IIN), a set of virtually connected clusters across the Illinois state. The participants discussed the objectives and prospects of long-term cooperation between UIUC and CRRC, including UIUC’s possible presence in CRRC’s Technology Innovation Institute that will soon be established in Qingdao, China. In the end, Mr. Ming Gong gave closing remarks and summarized the discussion.

        10月17日下午,UIUC代表团与中车集团副总裁王军先生带领的中车领导们进行了座谈。中车研究院院长龚明先生主持会议并介绍了双方与会人员。王军副总裁与Andreas Cangellaris副校长分别致辞,共同强调了UIUC与中车集团合作以来所取得的重要成果,并表达双方进一步深化合作的决心和愿景。随后,UIUC土木与环境工程系的欧阳彦峰教授简要汇报了中美轨道交通研发中心的发展现状、研究进展、未来规划以及合作需求,并介绍了UIUC在伊利诺伊州Rantoul市筹备建设中的自动交通联运试验场。Cangellaris副校长特别介绍了在Discovery Partners Institute (DPI)及Illinois Innovation Network (IIN) 方面的发展机遇。其中,DPI是一所位于芝加哥的跨学科、公私合作的研究机构,而IIN是一个将伊利诺伊州内各创新企业、研究机构、服务供应商等机构连接的信息合作网络。之后,参会人员还就双方长远合作的目标与前景进行了深入座谈,并讨论了UIUC参与中车集团即将在青岛建立的技术创新中心的可能性。最后,龚明院长进行会议总结,然后会议在亲切友好的气氛中结束。

The UIUC attendees at the leadership meeting also included Prof. Martin D.F. Wong (Executive Associate Dean of College of Engineering), Prof. Deming Chen (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering), Prof. Hong Yang (Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering), Prof. Yuanhui Zhang (Department of Agriculture and Biological Engineering) and Prof. ChengXiang Zhai (Department of Computer Science). The CRRC attendees included Mr. Buming Xie (Deputy Chief Engineer of CRRC Corporate), Mr. Bangcheng Sun (Vice President of the CRRC Institute), Ms. Jin Cao (Department of Science & Technology  Development at the CRRC Institute), Mr. Liang Chen (Chief Engineering of CRRC Tangshan), Mr. Jianghua Feng (Chief Engineer of CRRC Zhuzhou Institute), Ms. Jianying Liang (Chief Engineer of CRRC Qingdao Sifang), Mr. Changqing Liu (Chief Engineer of CRRC Changchun),  Mr. Jianguo Suo (Chief Engineer of CRRC Zhuzhou),  Mr. Hongliang Wei (Deputy Chief Engineer of CRRC Qiqihaer), Mr. Yin Tian (Department of Technology  Research at the CRRC Institute), and Ms. Xiaohui Zhang (Department of Technology  Research at the CRRC Institute).

        参加座谈会的UIUC代表团成员还包括工学院常务副院长Martin D.F. Wong教授、电气与计算机工程系陈德铭教授、化学与生物分子工程系杨宏教授、农业与生物工程系张源辉教授和计算机科学系翟成祥教授。中车代表团的其他领导成员包括中车集团副总工程师谢步明先生、中车研究院副院长孙帮成先生、中车研究院科技发展部曹金女士、中车唐山公司总工程师陈亮先生、中车株洲所总工程师冯江华先生、中车青岛四方股份有限公司总工程师梁建英女士、中车长客股份有限公司总工程师刘长青先生、中车株机公司总工程师索建国先生、中车齐车公司副总工程师魏鸿亮先生、中车研究院技术研究部的田寅先生和章潇慧女士。

The delegations from two sides at the CRRC-UIUC joint seminar. V.P. Jun Wang, Provost Andreas Cangellaris, Mr. Ming Gong and Prof. Yanfeng Ouyang gave speeches. (双方代表团成员参加中车-UIUC座谈会。王军副总裁、Andreas Cangellaris副校长、龚明院长和欧阳彦峰教授分别在会上发言。)