CRRC Delegation Visit & Project Review (May 18, 2018)


Some participants of the May 18 event (5月18日CRRC-UIUC项目研讨会部分参与人员合影).

On May 18, 2018, faculty and students from UIUC’s Chinese-American Railway Transportation Joint Research Center (CART-JRC) gathered at the Engineering Hall to welcome a delegation from the CRRC Institute that was led by Vice President Mr. Bangcheng Sun, and engineers Dr. Yin Tian, Dr. Boge Wen and Mr. Junen Yi. During the visit, the CRRC delegation attended presentations of all CRRC-funded projects and toured a number of research laboratories. Vice President of the University of Illinois System, Dr. Edward Seidel gave the opening remarks (see videoand presented the Discovery Partners Institute, a new major University of Illinois effort that aims at reinventing the role of the research university via interdisciplinary public-private partnerships that aggressively drive technology-based economic growth with global impact. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost, Dr. Andreas Cangellaris, hosted the lunch and gave a welcome speech (see video). Progress, outcomes, and prospects of all 17 funded (or approved) projects were presented by their PIs, collaborators, or designated representatives. V.P. Sun also gave an opening remark about the Center (see videoand presented new research needs at CRRC (see video)

2018年5月18日,UIUC中美轨道交通研究中心(以下简称研究中心)的师生们聚集在工学院大楼,欢迎中国中车研究院副院长孙帮成先生带领的代表团,包括工程师田寅博士,温博阁博士和易军恩先生。访问期间,中车代表参加了中车资助项目的研讨会,并参观了多个研究实验室。伊利诺伊大学系统副校长Edward Seidel博士致开幕辞(观看视频,并介绍了Discovery Partners Institute,这是伊利诺伊大学的一项致力于通过跨学科的公私合作伙伴关系重塑研究型大学的作用,积极推动基于技术的经济增长和全球影响力的重大计划。学术事务副校长兼教务长Andreas Cangellaris博士主持了午宴,并发表了欢迎辞(观看视频。17个受资助(或已批准)项目的负责人,合作者或指定代表展示了项目的进展、成果和未来展望。孙帮成副院长致开幕辞观看视频并提出了中车的新研究需求(观看视频)。

Prof. Yanfeng Ouyang introduced Vice President Seidel and Vice President Sun to give respective opening remarks (欧阳彦峰教授介绍Seidel副校长和孙帮成副院长致开幕辞).

Mr. Bangcheng Sun and Dr. Edward Seidel gave opening remarks (孙帮成先生和Edward Seidel博士分别致开幕辞).

In their opening remarks, V.P. Seidel and V.P. Sun both expressed their strong belief that the ongoing and future work at CART-JRC would further strengthen the partnership between CRRC and UIUC.


Vice President Edward Seidel gave a short presentation about the Discovery Partners Institute (Seidel副校长简要介绍Discovery Partners Institute).

Then, the UIUC researchers presented highlights of their projects, as well as new ideas for the future.


Project highlights talks by the UIUC researchers (UIUC研究人员介绍项目亮点).

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost, Dr. Andreas Cangellaris, gave a speech during the lunch break (学术事务副校长兼教务长Andreas Cangellaris博士在午餐时间致辞).

The CRRC delegation visited labs of Profs. Pega Hrnjak, Nenad Miljkovic, Alison Dunn, and Chenhui Shao (中车代表参观 Pega Hrnjak,Nenad Miljkovic,Alison Dunn和Chenhui Shao教授的实验室).

In the afternoon, the invited talks by Profs. Imad Al-Qadi (presented by Yanfeng Ouyang), Chris Barkan, Jianjun Cheng and Chengxiang Zhai covered a range of topics such as smart transportation infrastructures, railroad engineering, self-healing materials, big data, and artificial intelligence.

下午,Imad Al-Qadi教授(由欧阳彦峰教授代理发言),Chris Barkan教授,程建军教授和翟成祥教授受邀并作演讲。演讲主题涵盖了智能交通基础设施,铁路工程,自修复材料,大数据和人工智能等一系列话题。

Invited talks (受邀演讲).

V.P. Sun gave a presentation about CRRC developments and research needs (孙帮成副院长介绍了CRRC的发展以及未来的研究需求).

At the end of the day, V.P. Sun gave a presentation on recent CRRC developments and future research needs (see video). V.P. Sun expressed strong appreciation for the efforts that the Chinese-American Railway Transportation Joint Research Center had made to strengthen the collaboration between CRRC and UIUC. He believed that a long-term, healthy, and strong partnership like ours would have a bright future and would surely play an important role in developing advanced railway transportation technologies in both China and the United States.

最后,孙帮成副院长介绍了近期CRRC的发展和未来的研究需求观看视频。孙帮成副院长高度认可了中美轨道交通研究中心在加强中车与UIUC合作方面做出的努力。 他相信这种长期、健康、强大的合作伙伴关系将会有更加广阔的发展前景,并必将在发展中国和美国先进的铁路运输技术方面发挥重要作用。